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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 30, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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under scrutiny. a security breach reveals the names of members of congress being investigated for ethics issues. one, two, punch. a lingering colorado snowstorm now heads east across the plains. . and sbringipringing forth. a florida man bids adieu to his and sbringipringing forth. a florida man bids adieu to his five-ton labor of love. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello and good morning, everyone. m dan kloeffler. and today we begin with too much information. a security breach involving the house ethics committee could expose the names and the details
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surrounding inquiries into dozens of members of congress. the house panel's work is considered some of washington's most secret, and it's acknowledging the information was accidentally posted on a file-sharing system accessed by people outside the committee. the staffer who posted that document, they have been fired. in light of that breach, the committee announced the names of two california democrats, maxine waters and laura richardson. they face separate probes into whether they or their family members received improper benefits from their work on capitol hill. the "washington post," which obtained a copy of that material posted online, reported the confident weekly report showed half the members of the house appropriations defense subcommittee are under scrutiny. meanwhile, the house is preparing for a vote perhaps next week on a massive piece of legislation that democrats say will reshape the nation's health care system. according to house speaker nancy
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pelosi, the roughly $900 billion, nearly 2,000-page bill aims the make insurance available to nearly every american. the funding would largely cut through cuts from medicare and tax surcharges to americans earning at least a half million dollars a year. to create competition with private companies, democrats are pushing a government-regulated insurance exchange, the so-called public option. faced with public outrage, iraqi authorities have arrested 61 police and army officials responsible for patrolling an area of baghdad where more than 155 people were killed in an tack. the arrests are to hold soldiers and police criminally responsible for attacks cried out in those areas. investigations will now determine whether those arrested were sej negligent gentlemen or guilty of helping insurgents. al qaeda in iraq has claimed responsible for sunday's bombs raising fears that iraq will
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turn to the violence that raged the nation in 2007 and 2006. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in some western states. residents in colorado are digging out from a storm that dumped three feet of snow. it closed schools, canceled hundreds of flights. it was the region's heaviest october snowfall in a decade. as the storm moves east over the plains it shows no signs of letting up. nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking that massive storm for us this morning. bill, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. blizzard warnings. they cover interstate 70 and 80 heading out of the front range into the plains. denver itself, the snow is now over w. 10 to 20 inches on the ground. boulder, 20 to 30 inches. up towards layer my and cheyenne getting nailed too. this area of low pressure strengthens. gust toss 43 miles per hour. a lot of blowing and drifting of north from north platte,
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goodland, kansas. some of the highways will probably be closed as we go throughout the morning until the storm lets up. we have a lot of breaking news with flash flooding, dan. i'll get to thatn our full weather coming up. >> now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in arkansas, cameras roll on a kark reporter when a car drove in high water right behind her. this suv was quickly emerged and began floating into deeper water. a man ran in with a rope. a rescue team did eventually pull that woman to safety. a man in louisiana is miraculously alive after a church steeple fell and crushed his car. high winds from a tornado made it land directly ontot victim's car. the man suffered broken bones all over his body, but he is expected to make a full recovery. firemen in california step
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in to save two puppies trapped in a mobile home. firefighters controlled the blaze and pulled this pair of pooches out to safety. both the little ones were given oxygen and they are expected to survive. well, there were some unusual foot traffic in new york city. sheep, donkeys, camels for the radio city christmas sho the rockets gave them a pretty warm welcome so hopefully none of the animals will feel like they're away in a manager. the largest rubberband ball inventor said good-bye to his creation. he formed this more than 9,000-pound ball. needed a crane to get the thing on the back of the truck. he's now giving up the ball so it can be displayed at a museum. and now for a look at the national and regional weather, once again meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning, dan.
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the flash flooding is probably worse than the snow side of it. we've even had with flash flooding, water rescues near little rock, arkansas. two center centers had to be evacuated near springfid, missouri. everywhere in red is under flash flood warnings, including much of arkansas into the memphis area. now, this storm system will slide east eventually. notice chicago is getting a lot of wet weather as we go throughout the morning. eastern seaboard primarily will be dry today. the storm slides east over the weekend. in chicago, on and off heavy rain expected all morning long with isolated problems with water on the road. here's the forecast today. stormy weather in detroit through the great lakes into chicago. notice many eastern areas should be dry today. and it will be mild. but still, it's just a little dangerous out there, especially in the midwest. that's a look at the friday forecast. now here's a look at the weather
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outside your area. notice areas of the east how warm it's going to be. southerly winds will send 70 degree temperatures all the way to cleveland, ohio. temperatures in the 90s in florida. don't get used to it. it won't be here forever. dan, everyone wants to know about the halloween forecast. that's coming up at the end of the show. >> no one wants to wear moon boots and a ski parka overtop that. >> a hypothetical, it's going to be very warm. >> thumbs up for that one. thank you, bill. economy grows, stocks soar, and waiting online in a blizzard for what? your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. plus, forget the hype, forget the views. we'll tell you the real reason why michael jackson's "this is it" cannot miss. the bulls team up on the spurs. and an upset in college football. you're watching early today.
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good morning, everyone a andwelcome back materito early . on a relations building trip to pakistan, hillary clinton delivered remarks that have upset some there. strongly hinting that pakistani officials have allowed al qaeda terrorist toss run safe havens within the country's borders. that kind of frank comment rarely heard from the nation's top diplomat. secretary clinton said, quote, i find it hard to believe nobody in their government knows where they are. officials say a coast guard plane and a military helicopter collided late yesterday. up to nine people may have been on board those aircrafts. a search is now under way, but there is no information as to whether anyone has been found or survived that crash. in india, army troops joined firefighters to help extinguish a massive blaze that broke out
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at a oil depot yesterday. 5 dead, 150 injured. no word yet on what causedhat fire. saudi officials have taken the unprecedented step that certain worshippers skip the annual muslim pill grammage to mecca. pregnant women and the elderly are being asked not to make the trip. they won't be turned away, though. drawing some 2.5 million people. now here's an early look how wall street will kick off the day today. the dow opens at 9962 after jumping 199 points thursday. the s&p added 23. the nasdaq, that rose 37 points. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei gained 143 points, and in hong kong the hang seng climbed 487 points. thursday marked a major turnaround for the week on wall
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street as investors welcomed strong signs of an end of the recession, giving stocks their best day in three months. the commerce department was the bearer of good news, reporting the gdp rows 3.5% over the summer, breaking a year-long streak of declines. now, that's the strongest growth in the output of u.s. goods and services now in two years. even though that figure includes activity fueled by recent government stimulus programs, investors took the good news and, well, basically ran with it, sending the dow up 200 points. adding to the day, upbeat earnings from procter and gamble. shares shot up 4%. oil prices bubbled up fueling a rise in energy stocks. exxon mobil eeked out a gain despite a disappointing quarterly report. shares of chevron up 3% ahead of earnings reports due out today.
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motorola shared climbed 10% after they posted their second straight quarterly profit after months of heavy losses. samsung reported its best quarterly profit ever thanks to strong sales of mike ships and lcd screens. elsewhere, overseas, china's new nasdaq style stock market debuted with a bit of a bang. talk about making a killing. initial gains for 28 stocks ranged from 119 to 226%. and finally, what would you do for a year of free fast food? well, some folks in colorado campeded out for more than 24 hours in freezing snow all to be among the first 100 in line at the grand opening of a new chick-fil-a and a win of a year's worth of free chicken. so if you're a cardiology, denver could be the hot spot for job security. a true team effort in the
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nba and a heart stopper in college football. and the bronx bombers with a win over the phillies. your regional forecast is coming up. you're watching early today.
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good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm barbara harrison. straight ahead on "news 4 today," marc train riders, listen up. the new change that could add more time to your trip today. >> and if you're driving to work, the new study that shows what time you'll have the most company out on the roads. >> and how home buyers are getting the government to shell out the money for their down payment. join us for "news 4 today." we start at
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports, so far this year's world series has been all about the pitching. last night the yankees starter didn't disappoint. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. good morning. it's officially a series after a lop-sided win by philadelphia in game one, the yankees bounced back to even the world series with a game two victory in the bronx. alicia keys rocked the stadium before the game. in the second, a single under the glove of alex rodriguez. phils up 1-0. pedro martinez pitched well for the phils. ibanez, great diving grab at left. but the yankees got to pedro in the fourth. mark teixeira stepped in and stepped t. solo shot to right center. and the game was tied at one.
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and then in the sixth, matsui's turn, golfing one into the jet stream and another solo homer. yanks led 2-1. a.j. burnett picked up his first postseason victory. yankees evened the series with a 3-1 win. phils and yanks travel for game three. first pitch 8:00 eastern. game four sunday night. opening night in chicago. look at derrick rose. picking up where he left off. acrobatic layup. turned it on in the third quarter, moving the ball to perfection. the dunk and one. college football, number 13 va sa tech won't be in the top 15 when the new polls come out this weekend. unranked north carolina beat the hokies. t.j. yates to greg little. the tar heels up 14-7. we go to the fourth. >> tied at 17. two seconds to play.
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bart nailed the game-winning field goal as time expired. north carolina upset virginia tech 20-17. that's your early look at sports on "early today." have a great weekend. i'm fred roggin. and you, too, fred. not all the drama at the box office this weekend involves michael jackson. for other films it's a make or break weekend. your early morning entertainment headlines are straht ahead. plus, here's one pumpkin that won't be getting smashed or carved up this weekend. in fact, it's going on a very special journey. you're watching early today.
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welcome back on this friday morning. a very stormy morning in the midwest. some of that is heading into chicago, also through much of michigan today. everywhere else in the east, mild. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, even 80s down here in florida. even is wondering about the fork for halloween. that storm unfortunately will slide further east, nashville, cincinnati, atlanta, a chance for rain on halloween. the eastern seaboard, though, very warm. temperatures in the 70s all the way to new england, but it will be dry at least for trick-or-treating. if you're watching wbal tv 11 in baltimore, what happens when art and science team up for halloween? you get the spooky mummy filed exhibit where they few beautiful
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x-rayed pictures of mummies. that's your eastern event of the day, dan. >> very fitting. thank you, bill. morning's headlines in entertainment. no tension and stress at the box office this weekend at least in terms of which film will take top spot. michael jackson's "this is it" will be champion for no other reason than there's no competition. it was a no-brainer to schedule the jackson release this weekend. it earned over $7 million in its first day out. should pull another $20 million or so this weekend. "amelia" expands to wider release. after this weekend we'll know whether the af ator bio pick sors or stalls. and" saw vi" stumped by "paranormal activity," the worst ever opening for any of the
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"saw" films. whether this turns a profit or whether the franchise lives on could be decided this weekend. one pumpkin is going to washington. this 1,100 pound beast may not have been the region's heaviest pumpkin. but the white house thinks it's the best looking. the prized pumpkin chosen for its size, color and shape, certainly proving it is the cream of the crop. >> that's pretty cool. it grew on its side and its all flat on the bottom. >> and it makes for the beautiful nice display. it will look so nice on pennsylvania avenue. >> you need a pizza oven for all the seeds. >> you're thinking ahead. i'm dan kloeffler, and this is ""early today"," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. early today"," first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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good morning. i'm joe krebs. welcome to "news 4 today." >> and i'm barbara harrison. we are glad you're with us this friday morning. let's take a look at traffic and weather. we begin with weather. tom kierein right here next to me to tell you what you can expect for today and the weekend. >> good morning. starting off this friday morning, a little bit of patchy drizzle around. otherwise, low clouds, a little bit of fog. on radar, no rain, just where you see those specks of light blue, patchy drizzle in washington and down interstate 95 toward dale city and parts of perhaps fairfax and montgomery and loudoun counties. temperatures around the renal object are in the 50s. now 55 in washington. we've got a lot of cloudiness all over the entire eastern seaboard as a front approaches from the west. we'll have an easterly flow today that will keep the clouds in. a chance of patchy drizzle and fog through the day. highs reaching the low 60s this afternoon. then cloudy this evening. could have a little drizzle and fog again tomorrow morning as we start off saturday. as we g into tomorrow, looks
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like it will be cloudy and warmer, up into the low 70s. and perhaps a passing afternoon shower but a greater chance of some showers saturday night, perhaps all the way through midday sunday it appears now. it will be cooler sunday afternoon and evening, into monday. a look into next week coming up. >> okay, tom, thank you. >> let's go to jerry edwards, take a first look at the roadways out there. any early problems? >> just a little overnight road work. good morning. happy friday. as we take a live look along interstate 66, quiet start so far. no issues to report. elsewhere, as friday morning gets under way, the inner loop of the beltway headed up from the american legion bridge toward river road, wrapping up the road work. wilson bridge, so far, so good. back to you. >> thanks, jerry. here's a look at the top stories happening today. a search and rescue mission is under way off the southern california coast right now after a coast guard plane collided with another military helicopter. officials say nine people were on board the two aircraft. a pilot reported seeing a fireball near where the crash site is believed to be.
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>> president obama is set to meet with the joint chiefs of staff today on whether to send more troops to afghanistan. but aides say the president is likely still weeks away from making a firm decision. secretary of state hillary clinton says he will wait until after afghanistan's presidential runoff election scheduled for next saturday. >> get ready for extra security if you take the marc train to work. starting today, maryland transit administration police will conduct random security screenings at commuter train stations. the focus is on the penn, camden and brunswick lines. riders should add five to ten minutes to their commute. >> and we're closing in on election day in virginia. today the two candidates for governor will spend another busy day campaigning. democrat creigh deeds will host a luncheon for supporters in woodbridge. republican bob mcdonnell will attend rallies in lynchburg, waynesboro, culpepper and ashland. well, u.s. senate leaders have agreed to extend a popular tax credit program for the first -- for first-time home buyers. >> so far, it's led to millions
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of housing sales but critics say the program is filled with fraud. jennifer johnson reports. >> reporter: the government says the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers w used in over 1.4 million home sales in the past year. good news in this struggling economy. many members of congress say they're committed to continuing the program through next april. >> it would get us through the winter, through the worst season for real estate. it would jump start the housing market as it enters the summer months of 2010. >> reporter: critics say there has been widesead abuse of the billion dollar a month program. investigators reported over 19,000 taxpayers claimed the credit but hadn't purchased a home. others used children's names to try and get the money. >> i am very concerned by the finding of our audit, given the stakes that are involved. >> reporter: but statistics show that hundreds of thousands of these new home sales never would have happened if it weren't for
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the tax credit and the $8,000 made the deal. >> all of the action in the housing market right now is going on homes under $250,000 so if you do the math and you're doingn fha loan, which is a really big part of the market right now, with a 3.5% down on an fha loan, that $8,000 tax credit is your down payment. >> reporter: the program was created in mid 2008 during the bush administration and expanded under president obama's economic recovery package. it's set to expire november 30th. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> still no full senate vote. the white house is pushing congress to extend the program, saying it has not only gotten new buyers intohe market but it has also helped drive up home prices for the past three months. >> well, stay with us, everyone. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m.


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